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H I ,   I ' M   B A R R I E 


Born and raised with a travel bug, it is so special having the opportunity to do what I love with such incredible people at destinations spanning from the east to the west coast, and destinations worldwide including my favorite of all- Italy, where I have been visiting since I was a teenager.

I reside here on the east coast where I met my middle school sweetheart, now with our 2 little girls and 2 little dogs.

After falling in love with medium format film with all the dreamy, natural, and timeless aspects it embodies, it has been a great influence in so many ways. Something about not only the final product of how beautifully film renders, but the actual process of shooting film brings an indescribable element into my artistry overall.


Just as every couple has their own unique story, I really love creating and capturing the most genuine, effortless, and emotive moments- especially those unnoticed. Photographing weddings and life in between for over 12 years, I am so thankful for where this journey has taken me so far.


Our approach is PEOPLE-DRIVEN capturing


with a timeless color palette,

on film & digital.


T H E   E X P E R I E N C E

It is so important to me to create a genuine & effortless experience together, while capturing your most important moments and what they felt like.



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