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Something  about  a   physical   book   of  memories,  goes  beyond  digital  images  that  may   ultimately   end   up  sitting   in  a  drawer  or  on  a computer;

An  album    becomes    not   only   a   statement    piece   for   one   of    the   most   important   days   in   life,   but   a   timeless,  irreplaceable   piece  of   art.


All  signature albums include 15 spreads and 30 pages.  A total of  about 60  images of  your  choice are  included, and all page  layouts are custom  designed.

Photos  are  printed  on  thick,  high  quality,  archival  pages. Cover  options  include a  variety of colors,  leathers, fabrics,  and  personalized  debossed  text.

Also available are Parent Albums & Guestbooks. 

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